Sunday, December 16, 2012

What's your commitment level?

When I am doing any training for a group for our company SPEAKRISE Training Services, I always keep in mind that it is my responsibility to help people improve their mindset & skillset by training, motivating and developing them. That’s right, no?
But is it ONLY my responsibility? Think about it: Is it also not the responsibility of the participants too?
A few months back while doing a training series, I got to meet a great young man who signed up for our public speaking group training program. During the course of the program, I saw the intensity of the person go high in terms of attitude of learning. He took notes, always completed his homework assignments and did all we told him to for his benefits. He is a true “student of the game”.
Today that guy is a very confident and dynamic public speaker. Yes we helped him achieve that. But is it only our training involvement that made him so good? Is it also not the involvement and the commitment of him too?
I remember as a school student, when I had lower grades that desired, I used to shout, complaint, blame and moan thinking “my tutors are not good, my teachers don’t teach well.” I was blaming them for my low grades. I forgot: It was the involvement and the commitment of mine too.
In which areas of your life do you think you are not getting desired results ONLY because of someone else? Think about it: Is it not lack of commitment level/work from your side also? If yes, change it. If no, think about it once more.
Have a great week ahead.

Bishal Sarkar

Speaker and Trainer
SPEAKRISE Training Services, LLP

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