Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toy of Camelia Roy!!

He said “With you I can go,
There is a small condition for you though.”
“What’s that?” She asked and her eyes were filled with joy
He looked elsewhere and turned to her and said-
“I will keep all other promises, but I can’t give you that toy.”

Little, she wept for her dream-toy she was going to lose
Anyhow she wasn’t anymore supposed to choose
“Agreeing?” she was asked and she crumbled the pain
She was happy for her father that she was supposed to get again.

She got the old father back in her life, she had joy and hope
Each moment she prayed to God not to let her loving Papa elope
Hiding the tears about the toy beneath the pillow,
But happy about getting her father’s love flow, Zia said-
“Papa I love you, for you I can leave my play, I can do anything”
Little did she know that it was dream when she was sleeping?