Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Will you be a student of your past?

Just before coming online, I was studying (copying an assignment from wikipedia), and suddenly an incident came to my mind, which made me out of focus. I felt bad. I was feeling,-"Shit why could I do that? How? I shouldn't have done that ever!! Didn't I have brain?"

It happens often. That I recall an incident of the past and feel embarrassed. Ever happened to you?

Then I sat with my journal and wrote everything I was feeling (I don't hide anything in front of journal and God). I wrote what all mistakes were coming into my mind that I actually repent for, feel embarrassed about. Really, horrible mistakes. Blunders.

I kept writing...

And here is the conclusion I came to-

Had I not made those mistakes(and learnt from them), I'd not be the person I am today. Two questions to ask yourself when you go through these kind of embarrassments-

1) Did I learn from it?
2) Will I repeat it?

We all make mistakes and we all realize them, sooner or later. In a letter to me, Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of public Speaking wrote," We all make mistakes.. We realize them more as we grow up.."

I am growing up.

What about you?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Dream Discovered @ youtube

Last year when I was in 1st year in college, I still remember, I had a presentation in class the very next day. Back then I didn't know much about presentation skills. So I went to to find some tips on presentation skills. I saw some videos and suddenly I watched a video named "Your dream is not for sale" by an American Guy. I started the video and I was startled. I was stunned!! This man spoke fantastically. His message was crystal clear, he was amazing and also humorous. I was so much overwhelmed that I watched the video 3 times right then. After I finished watching it 3 times, I said to myself- "I wanna be like this." As the guy was a World Champion of Public Speaking, I told myself- "I will be the World Champion of Public Speaking".

Guess what!! The black American guy is none other than Craig Valentine. I know you have heard of him from me if you are connected with me on fb or personally(I love talking about him).

I am not the World Champion yet. Even I am not a great speaker yet (NOT EVEN CLOSER). I am just a beginner. But yes! I have taken the first step towards my goal (also I have found my goal, have you?). I have taken that very first step. Now I am a member of Toastmasters International, and I make 2-3 speeches a week on a regular basis. I somewhere read- "Take the hardest step first, rest will be easy."

Oh yeah!! Don't we all have dreams and goals in life? Small or big, dreams are dreams. We often don't believe in our own dreams. Bad thing! Often we don't believe ourselves. Bad thing! Even when we do believe in our dreams, we hesitate to take the first step. Makes sense?

Remember-  "Take the hardest step first, rest will be easy."

I am proud I have taken my first step, but way to go.

What's YOUR dream?

What's the first step you can take RIGHT NOW towards your dream?

Who do YOU want to be a Hero of?

Now here is the youtube video of Craig I watched that day. Enjoy it!!!