Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are you enjoying the party?

Enjoying life isn't hard, is it?

You see, I enjoy the coffee I make every morning. I enjoy talking to my close friends. I enjoy understanding kids. I enjoy writing a new blog.......@5.53am.

It's said when you don't take charge of life, life takes charge of you. Similarly, when you don't enjoy life, life enjoy you. Then why not enjoy?

So often I meet people who are always irritated, they find it hard to smile, hard to ask- "How are you?", and many more. I am not pissed off with them, but I feel pity. Maybe they are not enjoying life- maybe life seems too hectic for them.

My father always tells me- "Bishal life is too small. Life fully."

So, I love smiling, speaking to new and old people, greeting someone from heart, reading as many books as I can. I am living my life with love and care. And I am enjoying it. What about you? Are you enjoying life?

I know at times, life throws at you some of the rocky rocks and you become confused tackling it. Chill out! When God puts you in a tough situation, put HIM in a tough situation by smiling and saying- "hey God, I am gonna take care of it, too..."

Life is a party. Enjoying life isn't hard, not enjoying is!

I love you!
And I enjoyed saying it :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Want a peaceful sleep?

3 rules for a wonderful sleep, every night:

1) Work hard when you are awake
2) Take some deep breaths before sleeping
3) Don't check FB comments/emails just before going to bed
4) Read point #1 again

Happy sleep!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shut up!!

People used to tell me- "You can't do this... Awww you cn't do that.."

Thing is- I told myself the same.

Now things have changed, and when I shut the voice inside my head, the voice outside got shut up.

What about you? Do you tell yourself that you can't do it? Do people tell you the same? Haa?

So, before you try to shut others up, shut your inner negative voice up. Cause when you shut the negative voice inside your head, the voice outside gets shut up!!!

Make it an outstanding day.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 simple ways to save your time

1) Plan out your day the night before
2) Get an accountability partner
3) Stop procrastination. Start "doing". Go ahead and do it
4) Stop going to Facebook 7 times a day
5) Carry in your pocket your daily to-do list and not-to-do list

All the best!