Thursday, June 14, 2012

13 best (proven) ways to waste your time!!

Being a lazy person, I have found out 13 things I can do to waste my best time. And if you do the same things, trust me, you too can waste your time and in the process waste your life..

1) Watch TV. For 4 hours a day. Watch all those serials on various channels
2) Plan but don't do anything about it. Watch some motivational speakers speak about goal setting, set goals and then........................keep those goals inside the drawer, so you can't find it anymore. Never take actions on them
3) Gossip about "that girl"/ "that boy"
4) Start your day with texting and checking your emails
5) Never ever read a good book
6) Go to and check other peoples' statuses. Check their comments. Check that girl's recent photo. You can download and set it as your desktop background also
7) Never ask questions. Always act like the person with all the answers. Think yourself to be the expert, you don't need to learn anything
8) Give a call to someone "just to say hi" and keep talking for next 1 hour
9) Never plan your day ahead... Always say- "Jo plan karta hoon, woh toh hota hi nahi hai.." WARNING: Planning your day ahead might make you productive
10) Never have a to-do list, rather fit into others' to-do lists
11) Always think- "Maybe I should do it later.."
12) If you want to do something, never do it. Always think- "Maybe later... I can do it better later... NOW is not the time.. I should wait"
13) Go back to now!

Please share YOUR best time-wasting tip down in the comment box.
I'd love to hear.