Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An unusual feeling!

In February, we visited Vizag.

What a wonderful place. Seaside! Fast food! Family walk! Talking to myself. Smiling at strangers. Looking at the sea from the window in the afternoon. Taking lonely long walk along the seashore. Writing words on the sand, and water coming and erasing it. Writing again... Drinking coconut water. 

I always carry my camera and mp3 player with me. And on this particular eve I was listening to this song- "Who am I" by Rupam Islam. I was listening to the version of the song he sang on a radio show. I really enjoyed and felt the song. 

Days have passed. I am back in Bangalore. Now every time I listen to the song, I go back automatically to those moments of walking along the sea. Such a strange feeling!

I think this is a v nice thing about music. You listen to a song at a place, during a span of life. Then after a long time you listen to it again and you feel like- "wow it feels the same. I am going back to those moments."

What's your fav song? Do you go back to "those moments" when you listen to it?

I'll speak soon again. I am going to turn on my mp3 player and listen to it once more!