Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are you enjoying the party?

Enjoying life isn't hard, is it?

You see, I enjoy the coffee I make every morning. I enjoy talking to my close friends. I enjoy understanding kids. I enjoy writing a new blog.......@5.53am.

It's said when you don't take charge of life, life takes charge of you. Similarly, when you don't enjoy life, life enjoy you. Then why not enjoy?

So often I meet people who are always irritated, they find it hard to smile, hard to ask- "How are you?", and many more. I am not pissed off with them, but I feel pity. Maybe they are not enjoying life- maybe life seems too hectic for them.

My father always tells me- "Bishal life is too small. Life fully."

So, I love smiling, speaking to new and old people, greeting someone from heart, reading as many books as I can. I am living my life with love and care. And I am enjoying it. What about you? Are you enjoying life?

I know at times, life throws at you some of the rocky rocks and you become confused tackling it. Chill out! When God puts you in a tough situation, put HIM in a tough situation by smiling and saying- "hey God, I am gonna take care of it, too..."

Life is a party. Enjoying life isn't hard, not enjoying is!

I love you!
And I enjoyed saying it :)

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