Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you eat chicken? Flesh or bone?

And there I was, in the recording studio where the sound engineer and I were working on mastering my song I wrote and composed. When finally it was done, I had my own song in my mp3 player!!! Can you feel how happy and excited I was? I came back home listening to it. My parents listened to the song, all said it was great. I went to my friend Avi, he said- Best song he heard till now. I went to my aunt, she said- Wow great song son. I also went to friends who listened and said- “Ffffhheww.. Nothing special, get out of here..”

I can tell you it made me sad, it was emotionally damaging to a boy who just got his first song released.

That night when I came back home, I went straight to my father with all my complaints, and said- “Why is it that they didn’t like my song? Dad why is it that they cursed it?” My dad asked me- “Bittu do you like your song?” I said- “Yeah, don’t you?” He said- “I do love it. Your mom loves it a lot. We are proud of you.” 

Then he kept silent and said to me- “Bittu I know you love chicken, how exactly do you eat chicken when your mom makes it?” I thought this was a question my 8-year little brother can answer. Still I said- “How I eat chicken when mom makes it? I take it from the dish, eat the flesh, remove the bone and eat the flesh again.” Then he said- “if you eat chicken removing the bone, why can’t you take the positive responses removing the negative ones, my son?” That day my father taught me this lesson- take the flesh, remove the bones. What do you take? Flesh or bones? Positive or negative?

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