Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Will you be a student of your past?

Just before coming online, I was studying (copying an assignment from wikipedia), and suddenly an incident came to my mind, which made me out of focus. I felt bad. I was feeling,-"Shit why could I do that? How? I shouldn't have done that ever!! Didn't I have brain?"

It happens often. That I recall an incident of the past and feel embarrassed. Ever happened to you?

Then I sat with my journal and wrote everything I was feeling (I don't hide anything in front of journal and God). I wrote what all mistakes were coming into my mind that I actually repent for, feel embarrassed about. Really, horrible mistakes. Blunders.

I kept writing...

And here is the conclusion I came to-

Had I not made those mistakes(and learnt from them), I'd not be the person I am today. Two questions to ask yourself when you go through these kind of embarrassments-

1) Did I learn from it?
2) Will I repeat it?

We all make mistakes and we all realize them, sooner or later. In a letter to me, Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of public Speaking wrote," We all make mistakes.. We realize them more as we grow up.."

I am growing up.

What about you?


  1. Bishal, A nice write. As you grow, probably you will realize, how distinct and unique are the life problems we confront. How hard you try, mistakes will re-appear in front of you but with different forms. But then as you have mentioned, mistakes leave you with learning. To your question, If I am growing.. I must say I must realize that probably when I will have the courage to accept that 'Yes, I have done a mistake and I do not fear to confront anybody with my falls and fallacy'. Keep it up, Bishal. Thanks.

  2. thats a good piece of writing. thanks for making it clear that it happens for everyone. keep posting :)

  3. Thanks Chinmaya, I appreciate your kind words..

    Shib, yes I am glad you are owning up that it happens with everyone, I appreciate your honesty :)